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This is a fee-based service. Participants should check with their respective districts about covering the cost of attending a network’s support system.  Costs vary based on selected program.  

HB 3 highlighted The Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) as a way to recruit, retain, and support highly effective teachers in all schools, with an emphasis on high-needs and rural schools. National Board-certified Teachers (NBCTs) who meet eligibility requirements will earn a Recognized designation under TIA and will generate additional funding for their school district, where 90% of the funding will be spent on teacher salaries, of which the NBCT works.

Region 10 is offering two tracks to support the achievement of National Board Certification for teacher candidates and for districts seeking to establish their own National Board cohort. Since availability is limited, both tracks require applications and interviews from which selected candidates will be chosen. Candidates in both tracks will be required to attend a National Board Conference.

Track 1

The Region 10 ESC National Board Cohort (Track 1) will provide selected teacher candidates with support over two years with a 3rd year option if needed. These candidates will meet monthly with NBCT mentors to deeply analyze National Board certification requirements in preparation for and completion of portfolio and assessment entries. Cohort members will have the opportunity to collaborate with other teacher candidates, also going through this process.

Track One Timeline


Track 2

The Region 10 ESC National Board Professional Learning Facilitator (PLF) Program-Hybrid Model (Track 2) will assist participating districts to build the capacity of National Board Certified Teachers (NBCT) within their district. The selected district Professional Learning Facilitator will work with an NBCT mentor for one year. National Board teacher candidates will be chosen by the respective district to establish their national board cohort. The district PLF will be mentored by an NBCT as they work together to guide district candidates through the national board certification process. Each PLF with have monthly meetings with his/her NBCT mentor as well as monthly district cohort meetings. These meetings are designed to assist the PLF in transitioning to leading future district cohorts. Upon successful completion of this program, the PLF will be designated as a “Region 10 Highly Qualified Professional Learning Facilitator.”

Track Two Timeline