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Texas Open Government Laws

Effective January 1, 2006, elected and appointed public officials are required by state law to receive training in Texas Open Government Laws - the Open Meetings Act and the Public Information Act. Board members must receive the training within 90 days of being seated. Training consists of viewing 2 videos each approximately 90 minutes in length.


Orientation the the Texas Education Code (TEC) for New Board Trustees

SBOE Required Training Course [19 TAC § 61.1 (b) (1)(B)] A newly elected board member of an independent school district shall receive the orientation to the TEC within the first year of service. The orientation shall be delivered by ESCs and shall be three hours in length.  This training is offered in workshops and is also available as a video for board members who were unable to attend the workshops after all scheduled workshops have been completed.

Level II Training – Team Building and Planning Services

This training gives school board members access to a team building or a planning session to focus on a topic of the board/superintendent’s choice.  These sessions are delivered in the individual districts at the discretion and with the planning of the board/superintendent.

Level III Training – Continuing Education

Each board member shall receive additional continuing education on an annual basis in fulfillment of assessed needs and based on the framework for governance leadership.


Required Legislative Update Training

After each session of the Texas Legislature, including each session and called session related to education, each school board member shall receive an update from the ESC.

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