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Why science?  Science is crucial for understanding the world, driving technological progress, and solving complex problems. It fosters critical thinking skills, informs decision-making, and stimulates economic growth through innovation. By promoting curiosity and providing evidence-based insights, science enriches the human experience and offers solutions to global challenges, ultimately improving our quality of life and shaping the future. 

At Region 10 ESC, we know why science matters! Our dedicated science consultants are committed to delivering high-quality professional development and resources tailored to meet the needs of science teachers across our service center. Continuously striving to provide support, we actively seek out tools and strategies to foster professional growth. We offer a diverse range of synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities designed to enhance educators' instructional practices. Don't hesitate to reach out to us! Please view our science offerings and calendar of events to review our offerings that provide the best science instructional practices! 

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