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The Texas Education Telecommunications Network, TETN, supports K-12 educators statewide by providing videoconferencing services that save valuable time and money in travel.  TETN is funded by the twenty Education Service Centers and the Texas Education Agency and operated by staff in Austin at Education Service Center Region 13.

Examples of videoconferences scheduled on TETN include:

  • Administrative Meetings
  • Professional Development; Legislative & Policy Updates
  • Public Hearings on Commissioner rules
  • Peer Collaboration (e.g. special education specialists)
  • Special Projects

TETN also supports students through Dual-credit Courses; High School Courses; and Virtual Field Trips.

TETN Services

  • Multipoint bridging for, statewide videoconferences among ESCs and school districts they serve
  • Point-to-point bridging between school districts for dual-credit and high school courses, electronic field trips and student collaboration
  • Special projects such as master degree classes and professional development
  • Stream recorded videoconferences/meetings


TETN Scheduling

The TETN system is reserved for educational use only. Public education institutions are eligible, including primary and secondary schools, junior colleges and universities. Educational organizations, such as school boards, and professional education associations may also use TETN.

TETN Requests

Contact Steven Martin (Global Help Desk Manager) at Region 10 Education Service Center for further information or for requesting participation in a TETN videoconference. 

A school district videoconference site may be scheduled only up to 24 hours prior to the start of the TETN event.


TETN Digital Recordings

TETN digitally records all statewide videoconferences. You may access recorded events free-of-charge if you are an active member of your local service center’s videoconference network.  Recordings are accessed by using a computer and will need a  media player such as  Window Media Player® or QuickTime®.   Event access is protected by an access login so contact your TETN Site Manager or scheduling assistant for instructions.