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Texas Lesson Study



Teaching is incredibly difficult work and teachers are professionals. Lesson Study celebrates their professionalism and helps them grow into true masters of the craft.

- Texas Education Commissioner Mike Morath


What is Lesson Study?

1) Examine & Identify, 2) Review & Plan, 3) Teach & Observe, 4) Reflect & Revise, 5) Share & NetworkLesson study is a proven process whereby teachers drive improvements to teaching and learning through collaborative action research. In Lesson Study, teachers engage in cycles of continuous improvement. Together, groups of teachers examine a problem of practice, plan instructional solutions, teach, observe, reflect, and share the results of their work. Teachers develop a deep and lasting knowledge of content and pedagogy, developing teachers’ collective efficacy, a significant factor in student achievement*.


How Does Lesson Study Align With Other State Initiatives?

Whether your campus is focused on Reading Academies, TIL, Equity Plans, TRS, THL, or a number of other programs, Lesson Study can be customized to fit the unique needs of your students and teachers. Campuses that want to affect day-to-day instruction appreciate this hands-on, job-embedded approach to Professional Development. Review or Alignment Documents Folder to see how TXLS can help make your initiatives a sustainable reality.


How Will ESCs Support Districts and Campuses?

The ESCs will build a foundation for continuous teacher professional development and develop the capacity of local leaders to sustain and expand Lesson Study. Specifically, ESCs will:

  • Provide training and support in leading Lesson Study
  • Provide and communicate research on current best instructional practices
  • Help problem-solve around specific needs of a campus or district
  • Coach LEA facilitators on how to effectively lead Lesson Study groups

Lesson Study has gained a great deal of momentum in the United States with pioneering research from the Lesson Study Group at Mills College, the Lesson Study Alliance in Chicago, and Teachers College at Columbia University.


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