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Texas Strategic Leadership (TSL)


Texas Strategic Leadership (TSL) provides customized executive coaching and cohort experience opportunities to superintendents and their leadership teams seeking to deeply engage in the Effective District Framework (EDF).  Through TSL,district leadership will utilize research-based best practices to design systems that will enhance the overall student experience.  Superintendents and their leadership teams will partner with a Region 10 TSL coach in the development of a tailored...

  • TSL LogoLandscape Analysis illustrating the current state of the district;

  • Strategic Plan with prioritized, research based strategies to pursue;

  • High-level Plan for implementation, performance management, systems alignment to execute priorities;

  • Forward movement on stakeholder alignment, change management.

Classroom InstructionGoal of TSL: Design district systems to achieve the envisioned student experience.

  • Student outcomes are driven by a rigorous, supportive student experience.

  • The student experience is delivered at the campus-level, which requires aligned campus-level systems, which are driven and supported by aligned district-level system.

Why TSL?  Origin of Core Ideas:

  • District Leaders must be systems thinkers

  • Everyone needs a coach

  • Today's superintendency demands courageous, strategic leadership

TSL Teams are currently working to build leadership capacity at 30+ diverse districts across the state.

TSL Map of Participants

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