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Web Accessibility


“Education and web accessibility go hand in hand —  you cannot provide a proper education to all students without guaranteeing that all students can make full use of appropriate websites and web content.”

From: Bureau of Internet Accessibility

In the challenging educational times brought on by the COVID-19 (Coronavirus), more schools are turning to online instruction and web resources to share information.  Everyone who creates web content should know that online information MUST be compliant with several federal laws (see video below). Various 'places of public accommodation' such as websites, online classes and resources, online documents, etc. that are non-compliant run the risk of receiving complaints and/or lawsuits.

Online Education and Website Accessibility. U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights. Video
A Video from the Office of Civil Rights (OCR)

A Few Common School Website Accessibility Pitfalls include:

  • Not enough contrast for content to be seen by those who are visually impaired or colorblind
  • Cannot navigate through site using only tab and arrow keys (keyboard only navigation)
  • When navigating with the tab key, the selection doesn’t change colors to alert user of location
  • Not all images have alternative text 
  • PDF files cannot be read by a screen reader
  • Online form fields are not properly labeled, don’t provide feedback
  • Videos (including YouTube videos) do not have accurate transcripts and closed-captioning


Check out our webinar classes here and view our presentation below. 
We're here to help you solve the pitfalls mentioned above and much more!  We're sharing below a version of our free Web Accessibility Summit presentation to assist you in creating online instruction materials.

Web Accessibility Summit Slides


The Region 10 Web Team is ready to assist you by providing web accessibility webinars and classes* on the following topics:

Introduction to Web Accessibility

The OCR Complaint

MS Word, Excel & PowerPoint Remediation

Google Docs, Sheets & Slides Remediation

Videos & Transcript

Google Sites & Forms Remediation

Adobe Acrobat DC Pro PDF Remediation

Accessibility Tools, Checkers & Vendor Demos

Classes can be combined based on client needs!

Ask about low cost Zoom webinar options based on instructor availability and minimum attendance numbers.  Web accessibility consultations are also available upon request for a nominal fee. In-person classes are now being presented again in the Region 10 conference center.

*Classes are open to everyone but discounts are available to
Region 10 schools and Texas ESCs.
Contact Shayne Warner for details on classes and consulting.

The Region 10 Technology Services packages include reduced-rate web accessibility services.  

Details about discounts and video demonstrations from Region 10 vendors for PDF and Google Suite remediation as well as full website accessibility monitoring can be found on the Vendors Tab.