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Administrative Leadership Training (ALT)


Administrator Leadership Training is an ongoing requirement for district administrators as part of their professional growth-driven education.  Region 10 ESC, a TEA approved sponsor for these trainings, has initiated a cooperative of Region 10 districts/charter schools to:

  1. Identify needed training

  2. Schedule, communicate, and deliver needed training. These training opportunities meet the professional growth needs of a wide variety of local district's administrators and will focus on identified major functions of a school district's central office.

General ALT Information:

What are Administrative Leadership Trainings? (ALTS)
Region 10 aims to support the region’s district and campus administrators by providing a variety of relevant and practical expertise through speakers and workshops. Each presenter on the 22-23 ALT schedule will focus on one of the following ALT leadership strands in education:

  • School Wide Culture
  • Observation & Feedback
  • Data Driven Instruction
  • Lesson Alignment/Formative Assessment
  • Instructional Coaching
  • Technology Leadership
  • Social Emotional Support


Our hope is that these trainings will provide district and campus level administrators with tools and strategies to implement with their staff, leading to even more student success. Region 10 examines feedback, data, and current trends to determine topics that will resonate with the diverse educators spread across our region. We offer different delivery methods; half-day, full-day, and online follow-up sessions.

Who can sign up?
Any campus or central office administrator.

How many sessions can I attend?
You can attend as many as you would like!

How much do ALTs cost?

For districts, charters, and private schools that have purchased the R10 Administrative Package of Services:


For districts, charters, and private schools that have NOT purchased the R10 Administrative Package of Services:

  • $200 per person, per session

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