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career and college navigation resources

Career navigation is a vital aspect of personal and professional growth, guiding individuals through the complex journey of exploring, planning, and achieving their career goals. At its core, career navigation encompasses the process of self-discovery, skill development, and strategic decision making to navigate the ever changing landscape of the job market. By leveraging resources such as career assessments, educational programs, mentorship opportunities, and job search strategies, individuals can effectively chart their course towards fulfilling and rewarding career paths. Whether embarking on a new career journey, seeking advancement opportunities, or navigating career transitions, career navigation empowers individuals to take control of their professional futures and realize their aspirations.

Workforce Solutions of North Central Texas LogoThis curriculum is designed and created specifically for the new career and college explorations course adopted by the State Board of Education in 2023.  

This curriculum was designed and created in partnership and collaboration with Workforce Solutions of North Central Texas and Region 10 ESC.

Implementation Information For the Career and College Explorations Curriculum

This course is designed for a full year but can be implemented in a half of a year with slight modifications. 

Modifications for one half of a year:

  • The number of instructional days for each unit and pacing should be cut in half.
  • There will be more instructional activities included than can be covered in one unit.  The instructor should chose the highest leverage activities for students to be successful. 

Career and College Explorations Course Map

Unit 1: Fundamentals of Effective Leadership

Unit 2: Exploring Pathways to Careers

Unit 3: Financial Literacy

Unit 4: Non-Technical Skills

GEAR-UP - R10 Program

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