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Career and Technical Education (CTE)

Career & Technical Education (CTE)


What is CTE?

CTE instruction aims at developing foundational skills, core workplace competencies, and specific skill competencies in various occupational areas. Internships, practicums, cooperative education, school-based enterprises, dual enrollment programs, and apprenticeships are a few venues that deliver CTE by providing meaningful opportunities for learners to apply their academic and technical skills.


ESC 10 CTE Purpose

Region 10 serves as an advocate for Career and Technical Education (CTE) through targeted support for CTE compliance, program development and implementation with rigor and relevancy; bridging with postsecondary education and industry partners to build a global workforce, quality education programs and 21st century learners. By providing up to date training and support, educators have access to essential tools needed for preparing students of all ages for the successful transition to post-secondary education and careers.


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