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We are an award-winning team with a shared vision of EdTech success for schools. We believe there is power in working alongside LEAs and EdTech vendors to help solve the unique challenges of each organization. As a result, we've assembled a group of professionals from diverse backgrounds to serve you.

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Kerry Blank

Kerry Blank  Service IconProducts Icon


Kerry has been involved with the assessment process from the classroom to district level in her 20+ years in education. She believes that the right questions can supply teachers the information they need to support student growth. She can assist you with all your formative and summative assessment needs from development to implementation.


Dr. Jennifer Burr

Dr. Jennifer Burr  Service IconProducts Icon


When she's not practicing trust falls or running marathons, Jennifer is working closely with our partners at Edugence to develop crucial management tools for the LPAC and RTI processes. She can connect you to the products and services you need to best serve your students and provide excellent training and support.


Justin Clark

Justin Clark  Service IconProducts Icon


Justin serves the Data Solutions team as a technical consultant by providing a link between instructional practices and technical engineering. He has served as a technology coach, instructional coach, curriculum writer, teacher and enjoys a fascination with information technology design. He is here to help fix technology when things go awry and provide solutions to optimize your team's data solutions needs.


Margarita Corpus

Margarita Corpus  Service IconProducts IconPurchasing Icon

Administrative Assistant

With 27 years of experience working in education - 16 of those years here at Region 10 - Margarita has all the answers. She handles the Data Solutions department's bookkeeping and helps keep the whole team moving. Margarita loves seeing the results our service provides our Region 10 LEAs.


Cinthia Gaona

Cinthia Gaona  Service IconProducts IconPurchasing Icon

Administrative Assistant

With six years of experience in the field of education, as an administrative assistant at Region 10, Cinthia is always working to ensure that every detail is attended to and every task is executed seamlessly. She wholeheartedly supports our mission to deliver the best services to the educational community of Region 10.  She is confident in our collective ability to make a meaningful impact and uphold our commitment to excellence.


Dr. Amber Jones

Dr. Amber Jones  Service IconProducts IconPurchasing Icon

Assistant Director

With over 20 years of public education experience, Amber has worked in a variety of campus, district, and ESC leadership roles supporting educator growth. She is passionate about professional learning and loves to collaborate with teams to solve challenging problems. Amber can help your LEA find solutions, purchase, and support your educational technology needs.


Pennie Kimbrough

Pennie Kimbrough  Service IconProducts Icon


Pennie joins the data solutions team with over 25 years of experience in public education.  Prior to joining our team, she has experience as an instructional coach, curriculum coordinator, and assistant principal.  Her favorite subject area is math,  and she loves watching students learn and develop new skills.  Pennie is excited to partner with your LEA to assist with assessment development and data-driven solutions.


Patrick McCallum

Patrick McCallum  Service Icon

Support Specialist

Patrick has served Region 10 for 20 years. He currently creates graphics for the TEKSbank item bank and serves as an Application Support Specialist. He serves our LEAs by providing excellent product support for our data management system partners, Eduphoria and Edugence. He is available to you via phone or email Monday - Friday.


Clint Pechacek

Clint Pechacek  Products IconPurchasing Icon

Purchasing Consultant

Clint has worked in cooperative purchasing for 10 years. He provides best-in-class contracts for Region 10's EdTech and Equalis cooperative members and provides support for those groups. He can assist with any contract or documentation questions as well as general questions about cooperatives or public purchasing.


Dr. Alison Smithwick

Dr. Alison Smithwick  Service IconProducts Icon


With over 20 years of experience in education, Alison has served as a classroom teacher, GT teacher, academic coach, seminar leader, school librarian, and digital learning instructional specialist. She has a passion for process improvement, streamlining workflow, and enhancing communication within educational settings. Alison can support you in finding ways to utilize assessments to track and improve student performance.


Jennifer Becerra Snyder

Jennifer Becerra Snyder  Service Icon

Support Specialist

Beginning her career in Education at Region 3 ESC, Jennifer came to Region 10 in 2013 and now has 20+ years of experience in customer service and web-based applications that she utilizes to serve our LEA's. Jennifer serves as an Application Support Specialist and provides excellent customer service for our data management system partners, Eduphoria and Edugence. She is available to support you via phone or email Monday - Friday.


Courtney Stevens

Courtney Stevens  Serive IconProducts IconPurchasing Icon

Assistant Director

Courtney serves as the Assistant Director for TEKSbank and the Data Solutions Help Desk. With a background in curriculum, assessment, and coaching, she can help your district design system-wide assessment plans, implement TEKSbank, and provide training and consultation for your data management system. She's served at Region 10 for three years and loves the opportunity to work with admin teams, PLCs, and supporting student success!


Michelle Turner

Michelle Turner  Products IconPurchasing Icon

District Engagement Consultant

Michelle has spent her 23-year career in both public education and curriculum companies. She utilizes her experiences to support districts and cooperative partner vendors. She helps our partners identify their needs; she, then, works to provide potential solutions within our cooperatives, connecting the two for success!


Caren Zambrana

Caren Zambrana  Service IconProducts Icon


Caren has a wide range of learning community involvement from teacher to instructional coach. Her passion is party planning and data-centered instructional coaching. She is available for onsite and virtual technical training for your data management systems and is able to take you and your team through the next steps of what to do with your data.

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