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We are facing a future that is increasingly depending on data. Data powers everything from our artificial intelligence to policy-making and all the way to what refreshment add-on is the flavor of the week. Education is no exception. Increasingly, we use data to educate our students, build more efficient schools, adjust teaching models and even incentivize good attendance!

Nevertheless, access to data has always been a challenge, especially in the education sphere. Take for example a modern analogy: Let's say that a rural town might need access resources that are potentially beneficial to its residents but access to these are sometimes hampered (among other things) by poor infrastructure, poor highways or even congested ones - thus making it difficult to have that availability. The same could be said with data accessibility or "bandwidth" as it is sometimes reduced to.

At this point, it merits that we repeat our mission:  Provide a regional fiber infrastructure for broadband enhancement to all of Region 10 school districts and charters with competitively priced internet access. What this means is that we want to create a network of opportunities - opportunities that cannot be quantified monetarily or by zeros and ones in computer language. 

This project will provide school districts the opportunity to have better, quicker and more abundant access to not just data as such but to intentional resources, teaching platforms and business applications, all while maintaining the highest resiliency and security measures. 

We are privileged to take part in this project and invite you to check out the project website which goes deeper into what this Fiber X project is all about. 

The Fiber X Website


Brent Goerner
Network Architect/Engineer
972-348-1180 ... Email

David Mendez
Technical Project Manager
972-348-1172 ... Email


Satellite map with overlay of Fiber 10 network

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