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Tech Specs

  • Completely optical private network
  • All locations are DWDM nodes on the network - equipment is the same at each site
  • Four diversely routed DWDM core rings
  • All rings terminate at Infomart in Dallas - One of largest interconnection hubs in the US
  • Fiber, equipment, and network operational support all delivered by Zayo, a Tier 1 fiber optic provider
  • 2nd-most-peered network in North America
  • Design spans over 2000 fiber route miles
  • Architecture provides resiliency in case of failures in the network (e.g., fiber cut) and allows traffic to be protected around the rings in under 50ms switching times
  • 100 Gigs of Internet Access - Scalable to 500 Gigs
  • Potential direct connections to Amazon, Microsoft, Google, State testing environment
  • High-speed connections to other ESC and statewide networks
  • Scalable to long range goals of 1 Meg per student
  • DDOS scrubbing capability included

Designed for Scalability 

  • Each location will have 10G ports, non-throttled bandwidth
  • Districts can add bandwidth beyond 10G with ease
  • DWDM rings operate at 100 Gbps - capable of over 1 Tbps
  • Rings upgraded simply by adding another wavelength
  • Since Fiber 10 will be a single-subscriber, private network, the consortium will bypass the “Carrier Cloud”, it will not be affected by aggregated network traffic of other customers
  • Free from outside interference, interception or interruption - the most reliable and secure network possible
  • Bandwidth availability far exceeds Region 10’s 1Mbps per student target and any foreseeable FCC requirements