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Is there a cost to participate?

  • There is no cost for teachers that work in districts that are members of the Region 10 Title II Co-Op. $150 per teacher that is not a member of the Region 10 Title II Co-Op.


What's the difference in Guided LOL and Independent LOL? 

  • Guided LOL is led and facilitated by a Region 10 consultant with specific activities and processes in place. Independent LOL is teacher guided and the focus is determined by the team. No consultant is present or leading the group, and the team will always submit proof of attendance and a completed lesson plan before receiving credit. 


Can I get GT credit? 

  • GT extensions are available for our LOL sessions for teachers whose districts are members of the GT Co-Op. 


Can I participate in the Independent LOL program or attend Guided LOL sessions more than once?

  • Yes! However, Guided LOL sessions are often offered more than once at a specific location and those are repeat sessions. You may not receive credit for attending repeat sessions, but you are more than welcome to attend as many Guided LOL sessions at different locations as you would like!


Who can participate in the Independent LOL program?

  • Any educator.  All Teachers (K-12), Instructional Coaches, Counselors, Assistant Principals, Principals, Librarians, Coordinators, & Superintendents. Remember we ask for at least 2 people per team.


Upcoming Events

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