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Will the robot cause a distraction?
Everyone is excited about something new in school. However, after a few days, the robot becomes just another student in the class.

Will the student be able to record teaching practices?
The student can take snapshots of the board using the VGo app. The VGo app can’t record videos without custom modifications.

Will the “Robot Student” be a target for bullying?
The VGo manufacturers and other VGo sponsors have never heard of this happening.

Can the student drive the robot around at night, potentially setting off the school alarms?
No. The robot allows for connections only during certain times of the day set by Region 10 personnel. The robot will be docked and recharged at night.

Does the student have to show their face on the camera?
No. The student may select the mute video button to allow for privacy. This is useful when students are self-conscious about their appearance or are undergoing treatment and wish to be off-screen yet still listen and communicate through the robot.

What about fire drills and lockdowns?
For fire drills, the student can log off or stay logged on, depending on district preference. The robot should remain inside the classroom during a fire drill to protect it from the elements.

For lockdowns, the teacher should power down the robot. The student will monitor their account to see when the robot is available again.