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Reggie's Robots


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Welcome to Region 10 Education Service Center's Reggie’s Robots program! This program utilizes VGo Robots, an innovative solution that allows students to attend classes via interactive video conferencing while recovering from long-term illness, injury, or other factors requiring the student to be home bound or not able to be present in the classroom.

From home or the hospital and using a computer and mouse, the student is able to “drive” the robot to school assemblies as well as to each of his classes. In class, the student will be able to actively participate in lessons, discussions and group work. This allows the student to develop strong teacher and peer relationships, stay socially connected, boost morale providing tangible health benefits, and receive quality instruction without falling behind on coursework.

Some possible reasons for VGo use are (but not limited to):

  • Medical Cancer
  • Medical Transplant
  • Medical Surgery
  • Pregnancy

Meredith logging in to her robot at Cedar Hill during recess.


This program will be administered through the Digital Learning department in conjunction with the Technology and Data Services department - Interactive Videoconference Team (IVC).

Reggie’s Robots will be loaned at no cost to IVC members on a case-by-case basis depending on robot availability, length of homebound stay, and physical/mental ability of the student to operate the robot software. Guidelines, District Requirements and a Request for Consideration form are located at the top of this page.


Children's Health logo

Children's Health Hospital

Children's Health has purchased several robots in our fleet. For children being serviced by Children's Health in the Region 10 area, robots may be loaned out for free. Contact us to determine eligibility and availability of robots.

Robot Rentals

If your district is not a member of our Interactive Videoconference Service, we offer rental services on a month-to-month basis dependent on robot availability:

  • 1st Month $1,090
  • Additional Fee per Month: $340

Robot Purchase

If you would like to purchase robot(s) for permanent placement at your district within Region 10, please contact us for more details on affordable solutions using our bulk-purchasing discounts. Region 10 can also manage your robot(s) for a small fee per year, per robot. Management includes: site surveys, user set-up and training, and trouble-shooting. This will be ideal for students needing long-term use of a robot.