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We are offering the following support packages for the current school year.

Level 1: Region 10 User Group Participation Only *

This includes three R10 User Group meetings that meet bi-monthly to discuss areas of the software that pertain to school districts during certain times of year. These are live broadcasted and recorded for web access.  With this package, users will also receive a monthly newsletter and updates from our Listserv.

Level 2: Region 10 User Group and Workshops *

This option includes our Level 1 package and at least six workshops during the year. One workshop will cover Submission 2 State Reporting topics specific to the Skyward Software and TSDS updates. The other five workshops are determined based on major TEA or Software changes and customer demand. These are live broadcasted and recorded for web access.

Level 3: Region 10 User Group/Workshops/Roundtables *

This option includes Level 1 and Level 2, as well as the fall and summer roundtable sessions hosted by Region 10. This allows for districts all over the state to participate in a group discussion on different district procedures and how the software can be best utilized for unique situations.

Level 4: 5 Training Days *

This includes the Level 3 services, as well as 5 onsite/WebEx days of training with a Region 10 Skyward trainer on any Skyward modules supported by the ESC. This also includes unlimited phone and/or email support.

* Migration of Tier 1 support from Skyward to Region 10 is free of charge.  This allows districts to enter in service calls directly from the Skyward Customer Access option within the software or the Skyward Customer Support website. These calls will be directed to the ESC's queue for prompt support from Region 10 Skyward staff.

For pricing on packages, please contact Tamara Blue (Skyward Information Services Support Coordinator).


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