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GOAL:  Create a Teacher Pipeline

Grow Your Own
  • Participant earns a BAAS in Organizational Leadership
  • Wonderful opportunity for students, staff, community members
Fast-track Progress
  • Accelerated program
  • Seven-week terms
  • Twelve terms in two years
  • $750 per term
  • Multiple classes per term
  • BAAS and teacher cert. obtainable for as little as $14,400
Collaboration with Region 10
  • Graduate could enroll in Region 10 Alternative Certification Program immediately following BAAS program
  • Complete content area assessment
  • Complete 30 hours of observation and 150 hours of coursework


Participant or District Incentives

  • Participant can be hired by district as aide, bus driver, etc. while participating in BAAS program
  • Participant can receive reimbursement for tuition
  • Retention clause for supporting program enrollment

In Partnership

Region 10 logo

Texas A&M Commerce Logo - Lion head

Phase Two

In Design

  • Similar BAAS Coursework
  • BAAS coursework will incorporate 300 hours needed for Alternative Certification Program
  • Internship components included in Alternative Certification Program
  • Participants benefit from reduced costs associated with internship at Region 10
  • Participants can immediately be hired as a teacher while participating in Region 10 Alternative Certification Program