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We Are Data Solutions.

The Region 10 Data Solutions team connects educators with timely & effective solutions that serve our learning communities.

Let our team support you in your Ed Tech Success Journey...

What we do.


We start by truly listening to our LEAs to help identify their varying and specific needs. We then begin the journey to discover the solution. We serve as the bridge between education and technology.


Together, we will navigate through the solution. Often that solution is one of the many we already support; other times our unique relationships with partners and vendors leads us to an outside solution that more specifically meets your needs.


Once the solution is selected, our purchasing team will advocate for you to ensure that you are procuring the solution legally, at the best value, & with quality service.  We manage over 100 EDGAR compliant contracts for districts to use to make almost any purchase.  


Our team of experienced educators will accompany the LEA for the duration of the journey. We provide dedicated support & training for the implementation and long term success of each venture, including instructional strategies related to planning, assessment, monitoring, and analysis.