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Information for CN Vendors

Interested in becoming an awarded vendor with MRPC? Email us to get on our "contact list" for announcements about future opportunities. 

Email: Keri Warnick

Are you in need of the current MRPC members list?
Please contact us.

Email: Keri Warnick

Currently Awarded RFP's

To request a copy of the awarded bid tabulation, please email Rachel Frost at Region 10 ESC and include the RFP number and name.

Email: Rachel Frost


  • RFP 2018-01: Beverages (container)
  • RFP 2018-04: Chips and Snacks
  • RFP 2018-06: Small-wares
  • RFP 2019-02: Kitchen Chemicals and Cleaning Supplies
  • RFP 2019-11: USDA Foods for Further Processing
  • RFP 2021-02: Full-Line Grocery, NOI & FFS
  • RFP 2021-03: Milk - Full Service Delivery
  • RFP 2021-04: Fresh Bread
  • RFP 2021-05: Ice Cream
  • RFP 2021-06: Fresh Produce & Raw Meats
  • RFP 2021-08: Manufacturer Direct-to-District (commercial foods)
  • RFP 2021-11: Dispensed Fruit Beverages
  • RFP 2021-15: Sanitation Systems & Safety Training


SY 2023-2024: New Bids to be Released



RFP #2023-01: Milk Full-Service Delivery
RFP #2023-02: Fresh Bread
RFP #2022-03: Coffee Bar Products & Programs
RFP #2023-04: Fresh Produce & Raw Meats
RFP #2023-07: Sanitation Systems & Safety Training 2

Item Date Time Method
Opens Thursday, March 9, 2023 at 6:00 a.m. CST Bonfire
Questions Due Tuesday, April 11, 2023 no later than 5:00 p.m. CST in Bonfire (Messages section)
Closes Thursday, April 13, 2023 at 3:00 p.m. CST Bonfire
Public Opening Public Opening   In-Person at Region 10 ESC, 400 E. Spring Valley Rd., Richardson TX 75081
Award Announcements May 28, 2023 (tentative)   Notification letters will be emailed to each bidder

Bonfire:  You must register for a Bonfire account through the MRPC portal (free). A link to register is below. All solicitation documents to be completed and submitted can be found and listed in Bonfire. All questions about this solicitation must be asked through the Bonfire program via the Messages section. 

Click Here to Register for Bonfire

Contact: Keri Warnick