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Information for CN Vendors

Interested in becoming an awarded vendor with MRPC? Email us to get on our "contact list" for announcements about future opportunities.

Email: Keri Warnick

Are you in need of the current MRPC members list?
Please contact us.

Email: Keri Warnick

New RFP for SY24-25: "GDSN Connection Software Services"

RFP #2024-01: GDSN Connection Software Services solicitation will be released in mid - April 2024 with plans to award no later than end of May 2024. This RFP will seek to award a vendor that offers the ability to connect participating members to product data in the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) through an online software portal. Benefits such as notifications for product changes and updates, export and import features into back of house software, menu building options, procurement features, and other options will be requested. 

MRPC allows school districts from across the U.S. to join through an Interlocal Agreement or Inter-Agency Agreement (if located outside of Texas). Any RA's interested must contact Keri Warnick: or Diane Fileds:

GDSN Requirements

R10MPRC is now requiring awarded vendors to publish their product information using GDSN.  The inclusion of each product’s Global Trade Identification Number (GTIN) will allow R10MRPC and its cooperative members access to up-to-date product information from GDSN Connect (inTEAM software) and the Nourish to Flourish database.  This approach will save hundreds of hours of bid prep time while greatly expanding competition for branded foods.  View MPRC Vendor Bid Requirements

Currently Awarded RFP's

To request a copy of the awarded bid tabulation, please email Rachel Frost at Region 10 ESC and include the RFP number and name.

Email: Rachel Frost

RFP # RFP Name Bid Type for SY23-24
2021-02 Full-Line Grocery, NOI & FFS Distributor Renewal
2021-05 Ice Cream Renewal
2021-08 Manufacturer Direct-to-District (commercial) Renewal
2021-11 Dispensed Fruit Beverages Renewal
2021-15 Sanitation Systems & Safety Training Renewal
2021-22 USDA Foods for Further Processing Renewal
2022-01-12 Beverages (container) Renewal
2022-02-13 Chips & Snacks Renewal
2022-08 Kitchen Chemicals & Cleaning Supplies Renewal
2022-09 Small-wares Renewal
2023-01 Milk Full-Service Delivery New
2023-02 Fresh Bread New
2023-03 Coffee Bar Products New
2023-04 Fresh Produce & Raw Meats New
2023-07 Sanitation Systems & Safety Training 2 New
2023-16 Milk Coolers New


Bonfire:  Vendors interested in responding to MRPC solicitations must register for a Bonfire account through the MRPC portal (free). A link to register is below. All solicitation documents to be completed and submitted can be found and listed in Bonfire upon the release date. All questions about this solicitation must be asked through the Bonfire program via the Messages section.

Click Here to Register for Bonfire

Contact: Keri Warnick