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Child Nutrition Purchasing Cooperative

Providing the building blocks for "excellence" through quality service, affordable pricing, and strong relationships.

MRPC logoThe Region 10 Education Service Center Multi-Region Purchasing Cooperative (R10MRPC) will organize, administer, tabulate, advertise, award the bids and act as a coordinating center for all food purchasing bids. Authority for such services is granted by section 8.053 of the Texas Education Code.

The goal of the R10MRPC is to offer the member districts a substantial savings on specific commercial food items, non-food items, and USDA commodity processed items. By volume purchasing, districts are able to save more money than bidding as a single district.

The MRPC offers several formal, legally procured bids to assist districts with their food purchasing needs. There is  no fee to join the co-op. An annual Interlocal Agreement is required which gives you access to any and all bids procured by the co-op. If interested please contact us, information found in the right column of this page. 

Interested in becoming a member of MRPC?
Please Email:  Keri Warnick, Program Coordinator