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A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.

- Henry Brooks Adams


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Proud Region 10 Alumnus

We are proud of our interns!  As they grow professionally, many add additional certifications and become leaders in their districts.


Toby Wallace - Teacher of the Year   Toby Wallace - Teacher of the Year

Toby Wallace-Teacher of the year

This has been a huge year for me and a testament to your program. I not only won Teacher of the Year for Greenville Middle School but I won Teacher of the Year for the district as well. I will be competing for the Region July 27. Our campus administrators moved a lot of pieces around this year and among those changes they elevated me to the Head of the Science Department, Director of Onboarding and Lead Teacher for the campus. I went from teaching 7th to 8th grade mid year due to a need to change directions for STAAR testing. I have now literally trained every member of our science teams. I am only finished with my 3rd year! 

But everything pales in comparison to my student rapport. They surprised me with so many letters and a write up in the yearbook, thanking me for switching from 7th to 8th grade. That last day of school was the greatest day in my professional life even though I cried in every single class period, recognizing that I might never see them again. It was hard but very very good too. I got such fulfillment from celebrating with them. So I wanted to share my success with you so that you can know what a difference your program has meant to me and Greenville as well. I hope to win on the 27th and I am readying for a three week trip to Transylvania next weekend.  Your advice carried me a long way!


Pamela Dawson holding Grammy Music Educator of the Year award

Pamela Dawson – Grammy Award for Music Educator of the Year

I teach music to not only develop music majors or encourage a student to sing for a living, but because I want them to recognize beauty, to become sensitive, to have something to cling to, and to have more love, compassion and the good in life.  My dream has always been to motivate and engage the students to the extent that they will no longer depend on the teacher but their “passion”. They will know and value the fact that they are teaching themselves. When I wrote my philosophy of education in the Region 10 Program back in 2006. I did it because it was part of my curriculum, but never would I have ever dreamed that these words would resonate throughout the country in my receiving the 2023 Grammy Music Educator of the Year Award. I wrote my vision and walked in it!  What a blessing to be honored for something you not only do every day, but what you LOVE to do! For the past 27 years of my life, I went to work every day enjoying this thing called music, having fun, imparting, and giving 100% of me every day. YES! I felt like walking out many days and wanted to throw in the towel, especially during and after the pandemic but I didn’t, and now I am rewarded for that hard work.  My words of encouragement to new teachers, ensure you are doing what you love not for a paycheck.


Chad Sanford - 2023 Teacher of the Year

Chad Sanford

What an awesome two years so far! Last year, Rookie of the Year and now Teacher of the Year! What an honor and I have the three of you to thank. Region 10 Alt Cert did a great job preparing me for this awesome career! Thank you again for all the help and a great program.


John Matthews

John successfully completed an internship and earned a standard certificate in secondary mathematics.  We were impressed with his content and pedagogical knowledge and hired him to teach a review to prepare others for the secondary mathematics examination. John delivered this service for several years, while earning the principal and superintendent credentials.
We were pleased to hear that he was hired as Assistant Superintendent of Celina ISD.